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Be ready to see massive number of good quality products at cheap prices when shopping on AliExpress. AliExpress online shopping is very appealing for international buyers, however the shopping process could be a little overwhelming especially for new customers. But with AliExpress Agent, your shopping will be:

With AliExpress Agent, shopping in AliExpress won’t be complicated as you thought it would be. We will handle all the work for you. Just send us the product links as well as your instructions, and we will buy them for you. You can also easily add new products to your existing order, and have all your orders combined and shipped together.

We provide a variety of payment methods that you can choose for your convenience. You can pay us through Paypal or via international payment methods like Western Union, MoneyGram, and TT. We also have US bank account where you can pay directly so you can save on transfer fees. AliExpress agent accepts USD and bitcoins for payments.

We provide 24/7 Customer Service to assist you, and expedite your orders. We guarantee fast response and best service to our customers.

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of our customer’s personal information. These details are kept and maintained in a well-secured server where only authorized personnel can access. Aside from that, credit card payments are processed via a very safe gateway using Paypal service, thus customers do not need to provide us their credit card information.

We offer express shipping methods like SF Express, DHL, FedEx and TT Express that will deliver your orders within 3 to 7 business days. Alternatively, you can also choose to ship your orders through our shipping partners like EMS, Aramex, ePacket, HK Post, China Airmail, and more. You can save from shipping cost by having your orders combined as the first half kilo is costlier than the succeeding halves.

With Money-Saving Deals!
With a minimal service fee of only 5% of Product cost with no minimum fee, you can use all basic services available to a standard member. These includes purchasing, product check, warehouse storage, order consolidation, packaging, and global shipping. And for every transaction, you get to earn loyalty points which you can use to upgrade your membership to Gold and Platinum, and enjoy lower rates of only 3% and 1%, respectively. Moreover, for every 1,000 USD transferred through Western Union or TT, you can instantly avail of our 2% cashback promo.

With AliExpress Agent you can have a more stress-free and cost saving AliExpress online shopping! For your inquiries, you can contact us thru live chat at, or e-mail: [email protected]

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  1. : Customer Service Team :
    : Customer Service Team :

    Dear Customer

    We are an agent who can handle the whole process for you (buying, check and pack the parcel)

    Please refer here for information on how to pay us on aliexpress agent:
    Note: for BT, WU, MG must write ” personal payment “ and It is better to pay more to cover second payment so that you can save the time and money on transferring again.

    Best Regards,

  2. **Customer Service Team**
    **Customer Service Team**

    Dear Customer

    Aliexpress Agent. guarantees clearance at Chinese Customs, and ensures compliance with all laws and regulations in China to ensure the good(s) can be lawfully exported from China. The Importer is responsible for any additional fees that may be charged in the destination Country. Import duties and taxes, determined by the classification of a good, may be levied on the good(s) in accordance with each local Customs policies. Such additional fees do not form part of the price of our service, product cost, and shipping fee.
    this link has all details about customs clearness

    Best Regards

  3. **Customer Service Team**

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