How does Shipmentify work?

AliExpress Agent Order Guide: 10 steps in Order Fulfillment

Shipmentify Order Guide: 6 Steps in Order Fulfillment.

The world of AliExpress is a vast marketplace where you can find almost anything. Shipmentify is your virtual hassle-free shopping companion. We will guide you in every step of the process.

1. Order with us

Choose the items you want to buy at, then Order with us. Whenever you need help, we are here to guide & assist you.

Shipmentify Order Guide: How to Order?

Register an Account

Go to to register a new account. Simply supply the required fields to complete the enrollment process, after which you will be directed to your Account Dashboard.

Update Profile

Update your account information, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Phone Number & Shipping Address. We ensure that your information will be kept safe.

New Order

      • Select New Order on the top menu to initiate the ordering process. You will then see the order form.
      • Copy Product links from the AliExpress website and paste them in the field provided. Specify the quantity, size & color. Leave notes for additional instructions or special requests.
      • You may add your shipping method & payment method, or decide later. Then, submit your order.
      • You will then see the summary of your order together with its unique reference number. You also have an option to upload product photos.

Order in Excel or other format

Another way for you to provide your order information is by uploading files in jpg, gif, png, bmp, pdf, doc, docx, xls, or xlsx format. Here’s how:

      • Click New Order from the top menu, and click Submit.
      • In your Order Summary, scroll down to see the Upload File section.
      • Choose the file to upload.
      • Once the file is attached, click Submit.

My Orders

View all your orders in the My Orders tab, at the top menu. Choose a specific order to read the updates & communications from Shipmentify Team in the Comments section.

2. First Billing

Once we receive your order, we will send you the First Bill (Product Cost + Service Fee) as soon as possible.

3. Purchase your Orders

Upon receipt of your payment, we buy your orders within the day. It takes 2-3 working days for your order to arrive in our Warehouse in China, depending upon how soon the seller dispatches the items & the location of the Seller.

4. Quality Check, Repack & Combine Orders

When your stocks arrive, we inspect every item to ensure conformity with your specifications. We remove unnecessary items like shoe boxes & repack your order. If you have multiple orders, we combine them in one box to reduce shipping costs. The first 500 grams is the most expensive with shipping companies.

5. Final Billing

Once your parcel is ready, we will then send you the final bill for local shipping, if there is any charge, and international shipping.

6. Parcel is Shipped

Once we have received your payment, we ship your parcel ASAP. We will provide you with all the necessary shipping details & tracking numbers. It takes 3-14 working days, depending upon your location & chosen courier, for your parcel to arrive at your address.