AliExpress Dropshipping Agent

AliExpress Dropshipping is a great way to start your e-commerce business without having to worry about maintaining inventory. You can simply list products in your online store and just buy them once Customer orders and pays for it. But there are a number of factors which hamper success in your dropshipping business such as finding suppliers who can dropship, quality issues, sales order involving different suppliers, exposing your sourcing strategy, and many others. So let us show you how you can benefit in using AliExpress Dropshipping Agent service.

AliExpress Dropshipping Process Flow | AliExpress Dropshipping Agent

In the illustration above, customer orders three different products from your online store but these products involves different suppliers. It may be a little weird for the Customer to receive three separate packages for the same order right? Using our service, we buy these products in your behalf, verify product quality and check specifications, as well as combine different products in a single box. What more, we shall remove price tags, and add your business logo so your customer will never know where you are sourcing your products! With us, you can always be assured that you consistently meet your customer’s quality standards, as well as keep your business strategy a secret.

Moreover, your choice of shops are not only limited in AliExpress website but you can also choose from vendors in other popular chinese marketplaces like Taobao and Tmall. Hence, you have access to unlimited supplier network, and find better deals to maximize your margin!

There’s no more worrying about finding the right vendors who can dropship and fulfill special requests, exposing your business online strategy, consolidating products, defective/non-conforming products reaching your Customers, etc. Let AliExpress Dropshipping Agent handle all for you!

We ship with our trusted partners like DHL, SF Express, FedEx, EMS, and ePacket. But if you have preference over another shipping method, let us know and we’ll gladly accommodate it.